LOOK: Erik Matti Praises Anne Curtis For Intense One-Shot Scene In “Buy Bust” Film

Director Erik Matti is one of the most sought-after film directors in Philippine cinema today, and he’s known for pushing the boundaries of local film. And what does it take to impress the renowned director? An intense one-shot scene amazingly done by a dedicated actor, apparently.

Direk Erik Matti is currently shooting for his next masterpiece–the action-filled Buy Bust starring Anne Curtis.

The film first made headlines after Anne Curtis showed a sneak peek of her intense training for Buy Bust. Now, the film’s director just shared how all that training paid off during the shooting of a long one-shot sequence.

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In an Instagram post, Direk Erik Matti talks about how it has always been a dream of his to shoot scenes that make use of all elements of film, and challenge himself “to pull it off even against all odds.” He fulfills this dream with an action-packed one-shot sequence featuring Anne Curtis, whom he praises for nailing the said scene.


He says that the complicated scene was done with “1 shot, 2 days, 4 ronin operators, over 60 crowd and stunt guys and 37 long takes.” He attributes the success of the sequence to Anne’s marathon experience and the stamina of everyone involved.

This is definitely making me look forward to watching Buy Bust in cinemas this year!

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