LOOK: El Nido bans bringing of single-use plastic during island tour

The local government unit of El Nido, a municipality in the island of Palawan, released a notice that bans bringing of single-use plastic such as bottled water and any other drinks placed in a plastic bottle when going in an island tour.

This will be implemented starting on September 1.

As an alternative, tourists who go on an island tour will be required to bring their own tumblers and just refill their drinks from the container of purified water in the boat.

Everyone is requested to bring their own trash back to their boat upon leaving the island after the tour.

This aims to protect and preserve the environment.

Here is also the official statement from Mayor Nieves C. Rosento about single-use plastics. He also mentioned their efforts of cleaning up the trash from the ocean called Oplan Linis.

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