LOOK: Dylan Sprouse dyed his hair blue!

According to Dylan’s Instagram story, he just made an unexpected yet bold change — he dyed his hair blue! Now, that is some serious hair transformation! Daring choice, yeah?

When the twins were last photographed together at the premiere of Five Feet Apart, Dylan had a dirty blonde hair while Cole was sporting dark locks.

Dylan Sprouse 2

Photo from Getty Images

But now, as seen in Dylan’s IG story, it seems that both of them made some serious hair changes. Cole has now sandy, almost-brown dirty blonde while Dylan has chopped off his hair and dyed it to a vibrant shade of turquoise (which I think is really cute teehee).

Dylan Sprouse

Photo from Instagram @dylansprouse

In case you missed it, hair isn’t the only thing that has Dylan and Cole on different pages. While Cole is acting it up in shows like Riverdale and movies like Five Feet Apart, Dylan has ditched the Hollywood lifestyle altogether, and now owns a Meadery in Brooklyn which is called All-Wise Meadery. Guess he’s now the hipster twin!

What do you think of Dylan’s new hair color?