LOOK: Duterte’s Son Meets Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago Before Presidential Debate

LOOK Duterte's Son Meets Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago Before Presidential Debate

Even if they are rivals vying for the highest position in the country, it looks like everything is swell between Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. This isn’t surprising. Do you remember that scene after the last presidential debate when Duterte assisted Santiago for a photo op with all the presidentiables?

This time, it’s a second-generation Duterte who’s proving that competition shouldn’t get in the way of friendship and admiration. Sebastian Duterte posted a photo on his Facebook page with the senator, and the caption is endearing:

Hello, Senator MDS. I feel so lucky that i had the chance to have a picture with you. To my surprise, you even went over to me when my friend asked for a photo. I was so captivated by your presence that I did not know what to do. When you grabbed my arm during the picture, my heart just smiled.

Memories flashed in my mind of you reprimanding someone in a senate hearing. You are sweet and inspiring. I never easily get starstrucked but you had me at mere sight. I truly admire you because I believe that you are a real contributor to our country.

We are hours away from the debate and I wish you all the best.

Even though Sebastian is 100% supporting his father, he encouraged the senator to give his father a challenge.

He said:

P.S. Bring the best out of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, give him the fight of a lifetime!

Sebastian signed off the letter with “Love, Baste.”

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