LOOK: Disney Princesses Drawn With Curvier Bodies

Disney princesses are lovable and have taught us as little girls to dream big, but they’re also problematic — they can instill some serious body insecurities among girls, for one.

These princesses, save for Moana (hurrah!), have pretty unrealistic body proportions — that exaggerated tiny waist that seems to be prevalent in most animations, for one. While we’re not out to shame those with slim figures, it would be interesting to see these characters with curvier physiques. The people at Curvy Kate did an excellent job reimagining these Disney princesses on the curvier side, and spoiler alert: they still look fantastic!

Check out the images below:

Belle of Beauty and the Beast

Belle Curvy Disney Princess


Pocahontas Curvy Disney Princess

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess Curvy

The Little Mermaid (Ariel)

Little Mermaid Disney Princess Before and After

Tiana of The Princess and the Frog

Tiana Disney Princess Before and After

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