LOOK: Designer Bag’s Latest Collection Is Something We’re Very Familiar With

The brand name makes the difference. Well, at least we think it does. We’ve all heard of instances of Marikina shoes being exported and labeled differently, hence made more expensive and “branded”, but this one takes the thought into greater heights!

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(Photo from Balenciaga’s website)

This is not a joke. This new Balenciaga trend is called the Cabas Shopper and it’s priced at a staggering € 1,995! That’s around PHP 104,000! Whoaaaa. So much for our usual palengke bag designs!


(Photo from Balenciaga’s website)

To make things more legit, check it out being modeled on a runaway. Not sure if awesome, cool, or… odd? The fun part is, these Cabas Shoppers come in different colors, too, and all of them are of the same price. Hmm. Well, okay. If that’s the way they roll.

What’s your take on this ~cool~ new collection from a well-known designer brand?