LOOK: This Cute Cat Looks Like He Has a Moustache!

We love cats! Well, we love all pets, really. However, we especially love pets with unique characteristics that make us go “aww”. Remember that cat who went viral for looking like Hitler? This time around, we’d like to introduce you to Moustache, aptly named as such because he, well, has a moustache:

Moustache’s owner, Camilla Tanchuling, is a 5th year student of Veterinary Medicine in UP Los Baños, and Moustache happens to be the first cat that they adopted. He is the oldest of 6 cats and is now 7 years old. “We found him in our terrace where his mom abandoned him and his brother (who unfortunately did not make it) one rainy morning when they were just a few days old,” Camilla shares.

Moustache is a hand-raised cat, which means that he was taken care of ever since he was a kitten. “I guess that explains why he doesn’t have good cat social skills,” Camilla muses, explaining that Moustache did not react well to another cat that they adopted when he was about 2 years old. “He became grumpy and didn’t like the new cat in the house,” she shares, but eventually, he kind of tolerated the new cat.
Now, they have 6 cats and the 5 other cats respect Moustache’s space. “You’d usually find him chilling in my parent’s room,” Camille shares. “Ever since my father passed away in 2013, he religiously sleeps beside my mom and even waits for her to go upstairs so they can sleep together.”

As if it wasn’t obvious yet, they gave Moustache his name because of the mark across his nose. However, they also thought about naming him Charlie after Charlie Chaplin at one point. “When people see him, they ask if the ‘stache is real and I would laugh because why would anyone draw on their cat’s face?” Camilla laughs. And as a final reminder, she says, “Adopt, don’t shop!”
Do you have any cute cats? We’d love to get to know them better!

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