LOOK: This Customized Cake Has Delicious Surprises in Every Layer

Words by Emina Sotto / Photos by Chloe King

Celebrations are never complete without cake! However, finding the perfect cake can be a tough choice to make. The right design and flavor for you may not always be available in the cakes you find in malls or bakeshops. Plus, they can be absolutely ordinary!

Luckily, Hearts and Bells offers customized cakes fit for any occasion so you don’t have to worry about a thing! You can choose the size, colors, design, and taste. They’ll make sure that you have the perfect cake made just for you.

This customized three-tier cake stands tall with a beautiful design of perfectly-dripped chocolate, white roses, and – of course – a When In Manila logo to top it off. That’s not even the best part. The inside is just as good as the outside! Because guess what? It has surprises in every layer!

With each layer comes a delicious new flavor ready to fill your sweet tooth! The first and third layer is a rich chocolate flavor, while the middle layer is banana chocolate chip. Trust us: it tastes divine! (Take note that the flowers are not edible, though, and are only made for decoration, so make sure you don’t eat them!)

Hearts and Bells offers different cake flavors for pound and chiffon cakes, so you’ll never run out of flavors to try! You can mix and match two flavors or even more. You can even get cakes up to five feet tall!

When you’re ready to order, you have the option to coordinate with them through e-mail so you can tell them exactly what you want in case you can’t visit them yourself. We highly recommend visiting their bakeshop, though, so you can experience choosing and customizing your cake in person. They have color swatches, sample cakes, and add-ons there for you to choose from.

Thanks to Hearts and Bells, we had a beautiful cake for our WIM Squad Party. It truly made our celebration complete! We had not just one, but three layers of delicious cake made just the way we like it. You’ll never have to worry about looking for a design and picking between flavors again with a customized cake for any occasion from Hearts and Bells.

Hearts and Bells

928 Alvarado St., Binondo, Manila

Website: https://www.heartsnbells.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartsnbells

Instagram: @heartsnbells


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