LOOK: Creative Art Director Designed Labels for Cab Driver’s Peanut Butter Products

Remember the story we shared about the cab driver who sells peanut butter to passengers?

Cab driver selling peanut butter receives free food labels

Read more about him here: INSPIRING: Cab Driver Also Sells Peanut Butter to Passengers for Extra Income

Well, we have an update!

The designer, who shared the wonderful story on Facebook, offered his expertise to create food labels for Kuya Roderic’s homemade peanut butter products!

And, tada! LOOK at his amazing designs!

cab driver sells peanut butter

Photo and designed by Troy Sitosta of Shao Long Bald.

He wrote on Facebook:

Today I am happy to have finally labelled Kuya Roderic’s Peanut Butter. He thanked me constantly and told me how his wife and kids are gonna be happy to see this. We added a bonus sign for his car so that he can have an easier time talking to his passengers about his product. We made something very simple that could reflect its natural homey origins and pretty enough for his passenger market (the ones who can actually afford to cab). A good honest work for a good and honest family man.

Designer offers food labels to cab driver

It really feels great to be able to give someone a proper start or a jump up. Moments like these gives purpose to what I actually do and gives a clear image about what I do and how big of an effect my job can give to people like him.

designer offers free food labels

Troy also called fellow designers to step out of their comfort zones and help other people in need.

To all Designers out there, I say that it is good sometimes to get out of your screens and go outside and do something not for the money but for the simple reason that your talents, although can be mostly under appreciated in your current work jobs, actually can help others in need. This is to remind yourself that your work can actually make a real change. We are tremendously lucky already to even afford to take this line of work.

And, the best part of his fascinating design is a clever remark to go with his sales pitch!

designer offers free labels


But, wait, there’s more!

Troy said that the taxi driver has been receiving a lot of orders!

Just text Kuya Roderic Almeda at 0932 985 1618 (Metro Manila) or his wife Melody Almeda 09156423958

A designer’s work is costly because it requires a lot of brain cells to work. 🙂 It takes someone creative to pull off a pleasing design.

Sir Troy, thank you very much and you have exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Allow me to use what Troy said: “It really feels great to be able to give someone a proper start or a jump up.” Hasn’t this been true for you?


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