LOOK: Crazy Crowd of People Playing Pokemon GO in the Philippines

What’s the biggest gathering people you’ve seen on a sidewalk playing Pokemon GO? I haven’t really been taking the ‘craft’ too seriously, so the biggest gathering I’ve seen was at a coffee shop in BF Homes, where people practically congregate now to set up lures and sip their coffee while catching Pokemon. The crowd isn’t incredibly huge here, but there is definitely a bigger amount of people drinking coffee there than usual.

So, when Hamlet Castillo-Manganaan sent this photo of a crowd that he spotted at Bonifacio High Street at around 5pm on Sunday, August 21, 2016, I could hardly believe my eyes:

Pokemon GO Serendra

That’s crazy! Is this really what BGC looks like nowadays? I went there once during a weekday and noticed that there were a ton of Pokestops and lures in the area, but it looked nothing like this! Looks like the Pokemon GO craze is definitely still going strong! Just remember to stay safe at all times, please!

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What’s the craziest Pokemon GO crowd you’ve seen so far? Got any pictures? Share them with us! 🙂