LOOK: This Couple Takes Toy Photography to Another Level

We all went through a toy phase as children, but we didn’t all outgrow that phase. I am a toy collector myself. However, as much as I love collecting and playing with toys, toy photography is something that I haven’t really delved into yet. After seeing the awesome work of Wire Hon, though, I am definitely starting to think about it.

Wire Hon has been very fond of playing toys since he was a kid. He just eventually become and adult and started ignoring toys because of his job. That all changed when he met his wife.

“Sometimes, when we go shopping in the mall, I get attracted by the toys in the toy store,” he shares. “It’s just that I just like to appreciate and not buy anything.” Because of this, his wife bought him a Bumblebee as a birthday present one year. Since then, he has been collecting other series of toys such as Lego, Transformers, Hot Toys, etc. until now.”

The couple didn’t delve into toy photography until September last year, though. And the reason behind it? “Because being with a superhero is my dream because of how cool it would be to be around them,” says Wire Hon.

He adds: “I was inspired from online images such as creative images and funny pictures.” And, well, we love the output, don’t you? See more of Wire Hon’s photos here.

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