LOOK: Cops Discover ‘Breaking Bad’ Lab in Pampanga


Photo via Philippine Daily Inquirer

This is insane! It’s like a real-life “Breaking Bad” laboratory!

Cops discovered what they describe as a “mega shabu laboratory” at the foot of the mountain in Arayat, Pampanga.

According to a post on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the inspection team who discovered the laboratory were shock to find such machine in a place where a piggery and corn crusher factory was supposed to be.

The laboratory is located in a large warehouse covered by trees and shrubs in Barangay Lacquios at the foothills of Mount Arayat.

According to the provincial police director, the discovered laboratory has the capacity to produce 100 kilograms of shabu daily.

Apparently, this is the biggest facility found so far.

The piggery was allegedly being operated by “a man with a Chinese name.” The workers they found on the site, fled and are being tracked down by the cops.

The capacity of this lab is mind-blowing! What do you think?