LOOK: This Cool Float Pod Can Help You De-Stress

Written by: Danelle Go / Photography by: Christopher Cancio

Whether you’re studying or working, life can get really exhausting. On top of everything that you do and all of the other distractions brought about by social media, it can get pretty difficult to find some time to relax.

If you’re in desperate need of some personal time-off; The Upper Deck, one of Ortigas’ newest and most complete fitness centers, is the place for you. At the center of one of the busiest districts in the Metro, The Upper Deck offers several gyms, courts, and a relaxation spa for your personal time.

Whether your method of de-stressing involves an hour on the treadmill, a game of badminton, or a nice Swedish massage, this is the place for you.

One of the latest technologies in relaxation that The Upper Deck’s Recovery Spa offers is the Float Pod.

For 1-1.5 hours, you can just lie down and float in a small pod of saltwater—alone–hence the term Float Pod. This new and unique technique treatment allows you to emotionally de-stress and physically heal. It can basically relieve you of any anxieties you may be feeling at the moment.

If you still aren’t convinced, let us tell you more about this Recovery Float Pod.

You’d think that applying that this new “technology” in this enormous pod would mean that there’s some sort of scientific magic going on; but really, it’s a pretty simple device! The pod is filled with tap water, and several pounds of Epsom salt is mixed into it. The saltwater then destroys the bacteria and makes the water denser, allowing you to float with ease (no need to worry about drowning). With the addition of mellow lights inside the pod, you’ll be transported to a different level of relaxation. If you don’t like the lights, you can just switch them off, too.

Research shows that most of these floatation pods can cause sensory deprivation, meaning it relieves and hinders your five senses. Though it might sound scary to be in an enclosed pod with a hindered ability to smell, it can actually be beneficial to your health and mental wellbeing. This treatment can be good for your heart, for chronic pains like migraines, and for mental health issues, addiction or anxiety.

Giving yourself some alone time to just float can remove distractions and lingering thoughts, as well, allowing the physical and emotional tensions that you’re experiencing to break.

Who would have thought that an hour of just lying in a pod of saltwater could be so beneficial to one’s health? Having tried the treatment myself, I can honestly say that this experience is unlike any other. Though it may be a bit uncomfortable at first and there are a couple of routine procedures necessary to give you the full experience, it was definitely worth it.

The effects of the Float Pod are nothing like your average massage, or a good night’s sleep. It will transports you and you will emerge fresh and rejuvenated, ready to conquer whatever life throws at you next!

Recovery Float Pod at The Upper Deck Recovery Spa

Php1,600 for 60 mins / Php2,250 for 90 mins

6th floor Ortigas Technopoint Bldg. One, #1 Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig

09556151044 or 09474578644 / 9424585 loc. 107



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