LOOK: Co-Founder of World’s First Social Wallet for Crypto Is a Young Filipino Entrepreneur

Revolutionary and Filipino co-founded company Ryder raised one million dollars from SBX Capital, DeSpread, Trust Machines, and more. This milestone signifies a step closer for Ryder to fulfilling its mission of bringing simple, secure, and social web3 experiences to millions of crypto users.

“This proves that now is the time to focus on the user level in order to bring crypto adoption to the next billion users,” says Ryder co-founder Louise Ivan Payawal, also a young Filipino entrepreneur.

Ryder world's first social wallet fir crypto is filipino - Louise Ivan PayawalImage: Ryder | Louise Ivan Payawal

A New Kind of Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency has gone social, with more and more individuals looking for ways to incorporate crypto into real-life social interactions. However, there seem to be no crypto wallets—a vital device in storing and accessing crypto—that users can easily use in physical interactions in their everyday lives.

“The next wave of crypto users is changing and we can see it. They are using NFTS as an access pass, a status symbol in real life, and even integrating it into their healthy lifestyle but there’s a major challenge, none of the wallets today are designed for these use cases,” explains Louise Ivan. “This is where Ryder comes it is designed to merge the physical and digital world together.”

The first of its kind, Ryder is pioneering a new generation of crypto wallets: the social wallet, which can bring web3 to real-life social interactions.

Ryder combines the usability of known software wallets without sacrificing the security provided by traditional hardware wallets. Ryder users will be able to kick-start their personal journeys with crypto, prevent theft and loss, and make identity management more effortless.

By embedding their decentralized identities, Ryder users can use on-chain assets in a physical space with a simple tap, such as using their identity or NFT as an access pass to Web 3 applications or events and sending secure transactions. Ryder also brings social recovery to the space where users can securely split their master keys over multiple trusted Ryders (such as friends or family) to be able to retrieve their assets in the case of loss.

“This is where Ryder comes it is designed to merge the physical and digital world together,” Louise Ivan furthers.

Filipinos at the Forefront

Ryder is now accepting sign-ups for their pre-sale through their website.

The imminent launch of Ryder brings good news to Filipinos who have embraced cryptocurrency and NFTs. It has been reported that Filipinos rank first on NFT ownership out of 20 countries.

It is also not surprising that one of the individuals behind this crypto trailblazer is a Filipino. Louise Ivan Payawal has not only co-founded Ryder but has also traveled across the globe to share his experience and knowledge about this open-source technology and its emerging avenues of innovation.

Passionate about the user-owned internet, Payawal is a young Filipino entrepreneur who obtained a double master’s degree in Green IT in the Netherlands. He is considered a firestarter in his field and led the growth of the Stacks Foundation, an organization that unleashes Bitcoin’s full potential through crypto-related governance, research, and education in the Stacks ecosystem.

“If we look at the technological paradigm, we can see that it is always a combination of hardware and software. Web1, the information age, was catapulted by the PCs; Web2, the user-generated content, was forefronted by smartphones,” shares Louise Ivan. “The question is what is it for Web3? We’re betting on our thesis, that’s Ryder, the world’s 1st social wallet.”

For more information about Ryder:

Website: https://www.ryder.id/
Founder’s Bio: https://www.ryder.id/about
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10624288
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ryder_ID
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryder.btc/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/UTsgVj6H

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