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Words by: Arielle Choy
Photos by: Hannah Beltran

Have you ever suddenly had the craving for some juicy ribs and want them right away? Black Barrel Smokehouse Co. is the answer to your rib cravings as they deliver quality barbecue right to your doorstep.

Ever since I was young, ribs have always been a big comfort food of mine. One of my earliest memories is eating ribs in the kitchen counter of our old house. I remember the meat softly crumbling under my hands and the sticky sauce coating my fingers. I do not really know why, but eating ribs always made me happy. With that said, I think it won’t be a surprise that I have eaten a lot of ribs in my life. However,  I can safely say that Black Barrel Smokehouse‘s ribs are one of the most memorable ribs I’ve had.

Right from the get go, the ribs looked and smelled incredible. The meat look juicy and of premiere quality–a given due to the amount of care and attention Black Barrel Smokehouse Co. puts into cooking their barbecue. The amount of importance they put into the quality of their barbecue is evident in the amount of positive reviews they receive from customers.

Not only are the ribs a sexy treat for the eyes and nose but they are also cooked very well. The meat is really tender and actually melts in the mouth. They are so soft they literally fall off the bone. I didn’t have any other utensils with me at the time (my friends beat me to the spoons and forks), but I didn’t have any trouble separating the meat from the bones with just chopsticks.

Taste-wise the ribs certainly do not disappoint–they taste as good as they look. The meat was seasoned really well and tasted awesome even without the sauce.

Adding the tangy barbecue sauce only further elevates the ribs to something out of this world.

Overall, Black Barrel Smokhouse Co.’s ribs were insanely great. I would definitely order from them again in the (near) future. Not only was the food delicious, their delivery service also makes it very convenient to have quality food delivered right in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our video on them here, too:

Craving for smoked ribs?

Foodtrip na yan, oh!Watch this on YouTube: https://youtu.be/L-iEjU-8te0~ When In Manila Food | Black Barrel Smokehouse Co.

Posted by When In Manila on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Black Barrel Smokehouse Co.

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