LOOK: Cebu Pacific President and CEO Rides Economy in PAL

LOOK Cebu Pacific President Rides Economy in PAL

Photo / Joel Guinto, ABS-CBN News

Lance Gokongwei is surely embodying his brand. As the president and CEO of low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific, he was seen riding economy to a Philippine Airlines flight to Davao City.

It was reported that Gokongwei lined up with the other passengers and settled in his seat without any fanfare.

There are no news yet what he will do in Davao, but there are speculations that he will attend president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s two-day conference with business leaders to present his 10-point economic plan.

Cebu Pacific is the country’s largest airline, and innovated the “low-fare, great value strategy.” It hosts 30 international destinations and 34 domestic destinations, which customers can fly to through low fares. In pop culture, the airline is known for its witty one-liners for its promos.

Gokongwei is the only son of John Gokongwei, the second richest entrepreneur in the Philippines.

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