LOOK: Cat Guards the Vehicle of the Person Who Feeds Him Everyday

One of the things I love about my job is to find stories that are interesting, inspiring, and trending. As I was going through my Newsfeed, I came across an interesting story of this police officer who feeds stray cats in Makati.

Our good vibes for today is brought to you by a cute furbaby which guards the vehicle of the person who feeds him every day.

cat guards car

Sir jokingly described her as: Wala akong magawa ayoko siya istorbohin bagamat nasa ibabaw siya ng luma naming sakyan, isip ko na lang siya ang bruskong nagbabantay nito laban sa bukas kotse. Hay!

policeman feeds cat

This cat guards their family vehicle like he’s supposed to!

According to Sir Jaime Osit, this cat is brave enough to shoo away anyone who comes near their private vehicle.

Yan po ang bantay sa sasakyan namin. Tapang nyan! Pag gabi na hindi ka makakalapit sa aming sakyan aawayin kA.

I had a quick Facebook chat with Sir Osit and he said these animals he’s taking care of are naturally brave and blessings in disguise.

In fact, his stray dogs jump and try to kiss him every time he visits Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo, which in return, brightens his day.

Jaime Osit Santos Policeman feeds stray dogs

As the popular saying goes, “dog is a man’s best friend.” Kudos to you, guys! It is definitely a good deed!

Ultimately, dogs and cats are obedient, loyal, and protective of their owners. Be it a mutt or a pedigree, they are loving and caring!

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