LOOK: Carla Abellana Calls Out Authorities for Alleged Dog Meat Trade in Manila

Carla Abellana expressed her frustration and anger on Instagram after she discovered that authorities in a certain place in Manila are allegedly involved in a dog meat trade which is illegal based on the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

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“How will you report this to the authorities if they, themselves, are behind it?” she began on a post where she shared screenshots of a story she found on Facebook which claimed that dogs were being slaughtered in a barangay in Paco, Manila.

“DOG MEAT TRADE ALERT,” she continued. “It is now 2020, but yes, it is still happening everywhere in the country. And yes, it is ILLEGAL to sell/trade dog meat for consumption. However, what’s even worse is that even those in power (i.e. police officers and barangay officials) participate in this revolting practice.”

She also lamented how “extremely difficult” it is to win cases against the maltreatment of animals under the Animal Protection Law.

“When will we take animal rights seriously??? It is exhausting to know that while we use up all our resources just to save dogs in danger, there are individuals out there who do not value other beings’ lives,” she added.

“P.S. While it is highly unlikely that people eating cooked meat from a rabid animal would acquire the virus, slaughtering rabid animals poses as a high risk for a rabies outbreak. And people would wonder why rabies is still so rampant in our country. Then in turn, more dogs are killed (i.e. impounded and euthanized) for the sole purpose of eradicating rabies. If this is not heartbreaking enough for you, we don’t know what else is.”

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She then pleaded her followers to help spread the word on this case. “This 2020, we hope they will also get help. Because ALL LIVES MATTER… #NoToAnimalCruelty #NoToDogMeatTrade.”

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It is not yet confirmed if the claims of the original poster regarding the alleged dog meat trade in the named barangay are true.

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