LOOK: Canadian PM Trudeau Cooks Up a ‘Taste of Manila’ Feast

Canadian Prime Miniter Justin Trudeau, donned in apron and sun visor, cooked up a feast for the “Taste of Manila Festival” for the Filipino community in Toronto.

Photos of him serving a feast are posted on his Facebook page.

He was warmly welcomed by the Filipino community as they celebrate Filipino cultural festival in Toronto.

PM Trudeau Taste of Manila (1) PM Trudeau Taste of Manila (2)

With the crowd chanting “Justin, Justin,” he went to the event’s main stage to discuss about the value of multiculturalism.

After the feast, clad in Barong Tagalog, Trudeau met with the members of the public during the Taste of Manila festival.

PM Trudeau Taste of Manila (3)

He really is cool, right!

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