LOOK: Can You Spot the Snake in this Picture?

I wish I could say this is just another of those internet “find the” games that went viral last year—remember, the ones with the phone, the panda, and the many similar ones that came after those? But unfortunately, this one’s not a game. It’s real, and it’s kind of scary as hell.

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Blogger Aleah Taboclaon of the travel blog Solitary Wanderer posted a photo on her Facebook page of what, at first, seems like just a picture of the ground covered in fallen leaves. But don’t be fooled—the picture is actually trying to show you something. If you can find it, that is.

Here’s the post from Solitary Wanderer:

Aleah wrote:


This is a reminder to us all when we’re hiking, to always be aware of any potential dangers, like the snake hiding in this pic. Took me so long to see it!

(Pic not mine, shared via Facebook with no attribution.)

Here’s the photo so you can take a better look!

find the snake

See the snake yet?

Not yet?

It took me forever, too. So don’t sweat.

Okay. Give up?

I’m going to show you all now where it is.

Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know yet where it is!

Okay. You scrolled down.

Here it is:

find the snake

Can you see its head?

find the snake

May this image never haunt you on your next wilderness trips.

find the snake

Seriously though, as Aleah said in her post, this is a reminder to all to always be aware of potential dangers especially when you’re out in the woods.

Have you experienced something similar before? Tell us your story in the comments!

*Disclaimer: The image in this post is not owned by Solitary Wanderer. If you took this pic speak up and let us credit you properly!

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