LOOK: Can You Find Your Name in this Puzzle? (Promise it’s in There!)

Can you find your name in this puzzle?

That might sound odd, but we promise you it’s there! In fact, you can even find it twice if you’re really, really ~smart~.

This word search puzzle, according to experts (apparently), can prove just how smart you are. Not many people will get this right away, or get it at all, so if you do, and find your name in here quickly then congratulations, you belong to the smart ones category. Because only 8%  of the world can get this (again, apparently). I don’t know if that statistic is quite exaggerated, but we’ll find out!

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So, are you up to the challenge? Go find your name below!

(PS: To those who’ll get this, don’t reveal the answer so as not to spoil the fun for others!)

Find Your Name in this Puzzle

So…did you find it? How long did it take you? If you didn’t, try again. I promise you it’s in there. 😉

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