LOOK: Burger King Dresses Up as McDonald’s for Halloween

And the best Halloween costume goes to….. BURGER KING!

Without a doubt, there are some amazing Halloween costumes out there, but when a fast food RESTAURANT actually goes all out to get dressed for the holiday, well, that’s just epic. This Halloween, a Burger King branch in New York decided to dress up as McDonald’s by covering itself up in a white sheet with the McDonald’s name spray-painted onto it. The sign in front of it says, “Boo! Just kidding – we still flame-grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!”

And they didn’t stop there, either. Word from New Yorkers on Twitter say that they even placed their burgers in boxes labeled with the McDonald’s name. Check out their promotional video here:

Pretty cool idea, huh? Seen any other cool Halloween gimmicks this year? Share them with us! 🙂

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