LOOK: Bretman Rock Brings Glam (and Fur) to the “Good Ole’ Provincial Life”

Youtuber and kween of shade Bretman Rock was recently in Manila to hold a makeup master class, and he managed to squeeze a visit to his hometown of Ilocos, where he was warmly greeted by his family.

Of course, Bretman Rock being Bretman Rock, he managed to turn his provincial visit into something that would fit the pages of a fashion magazine.

Check out the photos he shared on his Facebook page, with the caption “The good ole’ province life ????????????????????”:

Rock was born in Ilocos but moved to Hawaii when he was seven years old. He achieved fame by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube, which was different from others because of his humor and use of swear words.

To date, the 17 year old’s videos have views averaging from 400,000 to over a million.

Check out one of his makeup tutorials below:

What do you think of his photos? Share your thoughts below!

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