LOOK: Boy Miraculously Survives 10-Storey Fall with Umbrella as Parachute

Note: Please do NOT try this at home.

umbrella boy jump building

Photo from: weibo.com

A boy in China miraculously survived jumping from a 10-storey building while using an umbrella as parachute according to a report in The Strait Times.

The seven-year-old boy jumped with an umbrella on hand, mimicking a cartoon character that used an umbrella as a parachute as well.

Although the boy’s home is on the fifth floor, the height is equivalent to a 10-storey establishment because they are composed of penthouse duplexes. His home is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

However, according to witnesses, it was not the umbrella that saved him. They said that his fall was broken by power lines.

According to his doctors, although the boy’s injuries were serious, they are no longer life-threatening.

The website, sohu.com, said that this is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Several reports in the past mention children getting hurt while copying cartoon characters.

An almost the same incident was reported in Urumqi in Xinjiang in March. A five-year-old girl also used an umbrella while jumping an 11-storey building.

Another case happened in March 2016 when a 10-year-old girl used a saw on her five-year-old sister’s face after watching this in a cartoon show. The younger child was cut in the nose and face.

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