LOOK: Bicol Isarog’s New Skybus Premiere 700 Will Make Your Road Trips More Relaxing

I’ve seen beautiful places down south. Recently, I got to explore CaramoanĀ and stay at a great resort there.

I fell in love with the place but considering how long the land travel takes to get there and how expensive airline tickets are sometimes, I knew it would take a little while until my next visit.

I’d love to explore more places in the region and luckily, we have this now:

naga bus

naga bus

(Photos courtesy of Magno Conag)

It looks a lot like an awesome combination of land travel and air travel, don’t you think? Riding the Skybus Premiere 700 during a long road trip would definitely make us forget about the long hours on the road.

According to Naga Smiles to the World’s Facebook page, this bus departs for Naga from Araneta Center bus terminal by 8:30pm and it also departs for Manila from Bicol Central Station at the same time. Travel time takes approximately 9-10 hours with one stopover.

The first four seats (the solo ones) are priced at PHP 1,800 while the rest are pegged at PHP 1,100. I heard the “business class type” or the solo seats even come with massage! Cool! The next time we head down to Bicol, we’re surely going to consider riding this Skybus.

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