LOOK: Behind the Deleted Scenes Photos of Suicide Squad

In an interview with Jared Leto who played Joker in Suicide Squad, he said that the number of his deleted scenes could already “total up to an entire Joker movie.” (Source)

Similarly, these photos made their rounds on Facebook. It seems to be a couple of photos from those said deleted scenes.

4. Harley fighting back? Yaaaas! We would’ve loved to see this!


3. Well… that was short-lived.

 suicide squad

2. Harley!!

suicide squad

1. Yaaaas. Harley again.

suicide squad

(Photos source)

These photos mostly showcased Harley and Joker which now made us curious about what Jared Leto was talking about. I wonder if those deleted scenes could have spiced up the movie a bit more?

Hmm. We’ll just have to wait and see if it comes out as bonus in Blu Ray. *cross fingers*

Now, time to scavenge the internet for the “deleted scene photos” of the other characters.