LOOK: Baron Geisler Conducts His Own Drug Test

LOOK- Baron Geisler Conducts His Own Drug Test

Even celebrities are not exempt from President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs. After Star Magic reportedly conducted supervised drug tests on 40 of its talents, actor Baron Geisler followed suit by conducting a drug test on himself.

Geisler shared on Facebook: “I tested negative by the way. I know everyone is wondering about me. I’m fine and good. I think this is a great idea for everyone to have, just in case anyone is accused on line or by the police.”

Recently, Geisler was the subject of headlines after his erratic behavior of getting into fights, culminating in the MMA fight against Kiko Matos, which resulted in a draw.

Aside from Geisler, Jake Cuenca, Enrique Gil, and Diego Loyzaga tested negative for drugs.

Daniel Padilla has also expressed his willingness to undergo a drug test.

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