LOOK: Barcino’s Newest Branch Has a Gorgeous View of the Manila Bay Sunset

Barcino S Maison

Photo / Barcino

If you’re looking for a nice meal, delicious wine, and a gorgeous view, you need to check out Barcino’s newest branch in S Maison, Pasay.

Here, you can experience a candle-lit dinner in its picturesque interiors featuring painted arch walls, velvet chairs, and gold accents. Barcino’s newest branch even has exclusive pintxos and cocktails that you can’t find anywhere else.

The place is so beautiful that it’s even being offered as an events place.

Barcino S Maison 2

Photo / Barcino

The branch offers an option for either indoor or an alfresco event setup. The indoor seating area turns into a whimsical dinner venue perfect for intimate candlelit dinners which exude more of a classy, glamorous feel, with tabletops lined with soft linen, fine cutlery, and beautiful floral arrangements.

You can also host an outdoor set up in the open-air veranda for a scenic view of the seaside – great for those who like to catch the romantic Manila Bay sunset. A ceremony-style aisle can be set up especially for you — may it be for your wedding, vow renewals, or the like.

Barcino S Maison 4

Photo / Barcino

For food, you can choose from Barcino’s event menus or work with them to create a customized menu suited to your event. Whether you have a specific theme, budget, or any other requests, Barcino would gladly assist you.

From birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, the possibilities are endless with Barcino S Maison being your go-to event location and restaurant. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone — an exquisite Spanish menu selection and an elegant event venue like no other.

Barcino S Maison 3

Photo / Barcino

If you want to host an event at Barcino S Maison, send an email at eventsandcatering@rcgi.com.ph or calling them at 0917 150 4698.


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