LOOK: Bank ATM is littered with receipts

A bank ATM was spotted to be littered with receipts. Sadly, just right beside the machine are two trash bins.

Abbie Emm shared a photo of the said ATM on Facebook.

Take a look at it below.

Abbie captioned it with:

Dear Filipinos & Humans,

Sobrang sama ba ng aim ninyo na 2 basurahan na nakalagay sa ATM wala pa rin?!?
Seriously! SERIOUSLY!!! 🤬
It took me less than 5 min. Just to pick up everything. And that little piece of paper takes less than a second to get in the bin.
We complain about saving the planet. yet here we are. 
If you cant put it in the bin, BPI has an option not to print a receipt.

Abbie has a point, it only takes a second to properly aim for the trash can and throw the receipt in there. Also, if we can’t properly aim for the trash can, maybe we shouldn’t print the receipt anymore?

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