Look Back to Move Forth: UP SAMASKOM rekindles its glorious past on its year 46

For its 46th year, UP SAMASKOM bends time as it reignites its spirit of expression, performance, and social responsibility this March in Urong Sulong: The UP SAMASKOM 46th Anniversary Special.


Duly recognized as the University of the Philippines’ premier academic-performing organization, UP SAMASKOM specializes in a wide array of media fields such as, but not limited to writing, designing productions, and marketing-publicity. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck in the country, UP SAMASKOM has explored numerous alternative online platforms where it can still bring its expertise into play.


UP SAMASKOM’s month-long anniversary celebration has already commenced through the online exhibit Nosi Balasi: The Magic Behind UP SAMASKOM. Still showing on Facebook and Instagram, the online exhibit prides the minds and hands behind UP SAMASKOM’s success throughout the years. Nosi Balasi also highlights the experiences that transpired among the organization members and its alumni!


Primarily indicative of UP SAMASKOM’s success and glory is Live ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng SAMASKOM, or Live AIDS, the longest-running musical comedy variety show in the Philippines. Through Live AIDS, one can gauge UP SAMASKOM’s collective wit and creativity, as the show weaves humor with the organization’s political stances. As the organization’s major avenue of expression, the show also celebrates the art and talents that the members have in store.


Witness the dash and dazzle of the previous Live AIDS stages in LAngit, Baby LAngit na ‘to! : The Online Live AIDS Viewing via live streams on UP SAMASKOM’s Facebook page, March 9, 11, and 13, 2021 at 7:30 PM!


UP SAMASKOM has also been a frontrunner in raising media awareness and in promoting media literacy. To conclude the anniversary special, the organization upholds its social responsibility through the media symposium Sunog, Mga Kapatid! : A Roundtable Discussion on Creative Burnout in Media During the Pandemic. The symposium discusses how the pandemic induces creative burnout in media practitioners and industries, further providing ways to overcome it. Renowned media personalities such as Director Lauren Dyogi; filmmaker JP Habac; content creator Macoy Averilla, more popularly known as “Macoy Dubs”; and UP Professors Fernando Austria, Jr. and Eloi Hernandez are expected to drive the discussion. Catch Sunog, Mga Kapatid! on March 19, 2021 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM via Facebook Live!


Given Urong Sulong as the theme of the anniversary special, UP SAMASKOM cordially invites everyone in the local pop scene to embark on a retrospective journey with the organization. This journey, UP SAMASKOM believes, reminds the organization to move forward and pursue what it does best.


Join UP SAMASKOM in its 46th year celebration via Facebook (UP SAMASKOM), Twitter (@UPSamaskom), Instagram (@upsamaskom), and Tiktok (@upsamaskom)!