LOOK: Avilon Zoo Seeks Help in Recovering Stolen Animals

Avilon Zoo is seeking the help of the public and authorities to help recover nine endangered animals stolen from their facility in Rodriguez, Rizal.

According to Avilon’s social media post, thieves have broken into the zoo and stole three matured Red-Footed Tortoise, one mature Yellow-Footed Tortoise, one Common Snapping Turtle, three mature Black Palm Cockatoos, and one juvenile Brown Tufted Capuchin monkey. The nine endangered animals are part of Avilon Zoo Wildcare Conservation Breeding Program.

Avilon Zoo also urged the public, especially netizens, to report to them any information or photos about the stolen animals that may be posted online, especially from people posing as their “agents”, who may attempt to sell the animals. They can be reached via their social media pages or through telephone numbers: (02) 9489866 and 0908-8658984

Avilon Zoo is currently the largest zoological institution in the Philippines in terms of collection of live animals. The 7.5 hectare facility located in Rodriguez, Rizal houses more than 3,000 specimens of exotic wildlife representing more than 500 species of birds, mammals reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes and invertebrates. The zoo has a diverse collection of Philippine native and endemic fauna, most of which have been bred successfully in captivity through its ex situ conservation programs.

Avilon Zoo

9003 GP Sitio Gulod, San Isidro, 1860 Rodriguez, Rizal

948 3986 / 948 9866




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