LOOK: Artwork on the Beach Calls Out “Save the Seas!

Summer. And it’s Laboracay 2016 weekend. The best time to blow off some steam in this lovely island in the Philippines.

However, there are times that we neglect the sea. That should never be the case. We should always care for them and think on how to preserve them.

Recently, an artwork created on the beach (taken using a drone) compels us to “Save Our Seas!”

Posted on Instagram, the photo was captioned with:

Thank you to everyone who went to yesterday’s #SOSCoastival! It was definitely a day filled with fun and laughter, a day of meeting new friends and fellow lovers of the sea, and most importantly, it was a day of bayanihan.

Yesterday reminded us that even a little you and a little me, when fueled by a common cause, can create beautiful change to #saveourseas. This laboracay weekend, you can be that change. Pick up trash and dispose of them properly, bringing your own tumbler instead of using plastic cups, and using sea-friendly sunscreen and other products. After all, it’s the simple things done as a whole that create great change.

The artwork looks so cool and many volunteers participated to create the said artwork. Who? The people gathered round inside the letter “O”.

So, if you’re in Laboracay or in enjoying any beach at the moment, please don’t forget to keep it clean and save it from anything that can harm it.

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