LOOK: Art Of Kalandian Manual… Part 2!!

The other day, we posted about John Alfred Pangan’s awesome Art Of Kalandian manual, which detailed the “Sampung Utos ng Kalandian”!

Of course, 10 “commandments” are not enough… His viral “e-book” details even more teachings on this fine art of “kalandian!!”

Art of Kalandian 16

This second part tackles the more complex side of flirting, with an entire chapter dedicated to the “economics” and “physics” of kalandian! Talk about being serious.

So without further ado, here’s Part 2 of the Art of Kalandian:

Art of Kalandian 8

Art of Kalandian 9

Art of Kalandian 10

Art of Kalandian 11

Art of Kalandian 12

More on the “Art of Kalandian” and the “physics” of kalandian on the next page!!


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