LOOK: Are these creatures from Area 51 or are they Incredible Hulk’s dogs?

As their owner, Yada Ornsomjit was quietly sleeping, little did he know that her two playful French bulldogs would open a cupboard which had bags of green food coloring.

Credit: Screenshot from video

When the furry little pair raided the cupboard, their expedition caused the green edible dye to fall on them which covering their white fur from head-to-toe to turn into a hard-to-miss shade of bright green.

If incredible hulk had dogs, they would surely look as cute as these pups!

Watch the video of the cute dogs below:

Apparently, their owner was unable to oversee the two as they were frolicking around and unfortunately, he also forgot to close the cabinet before he went to sleep. So, in the morning he wasn’t expecting to see two alienlike dogs.

“My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green,” Yada shared. “We were really tired, but they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

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