LOOK: ‘Anti-Chismis’ Ordinance Implemented in Pangasinan

gossip in the office

A barangay in Pangasinan implemented an ordinance that goes after gossipers.

According to STAR, the “Anti-Chismis” ordinance is now being implemented in Barangay Capas in Pangasinan. The goal is to “help maintain peace and order among families, as those proven to be spreading lies are fined and required to render community service.”

Barangay Captain Danilo Tabucol Sr. signed the ordinance and he said “many residents are happy about this ordinance, although some people look at it differently.”

If caught, the penalties for this is community service plus P300, P500 or P1,000 for the first, second and third offenses, respectively.

The said ordinance was based on an ordinance earlier implemented in Barangay Moreno also in Pangasinan.

Moreover, Barangay Capas is also strictly implementing an “anti-ingay” (anti-noise) ordinance. This involves individuals who use videoke machines, videogames, or noisy motorcycles on the streets.

What do you think of this ordinance? Should this be implemented at a wider scope?