LOOK: Anne Curtis And Jennie of Blackpink Were In The Same Area During A Korean Music Festival

You could say that Anne Curtis and BLACKPINK have something of a history together already. During their concert here in Manila last February, Anne was able to meet the all-girl Kpop group as an early birthday present. As if she wasn’t lucky enough, it seems that she coincidentally found herself sharing the same area with Jennie from BLACKPINK at a music festival just last weekend.

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The two both happened to be at the Holiday Land Festival 2019 at Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea — watching the very same stage at the same time and in the same section! It was actually first pointed out by fans with sharp enough eyes to notice the similarity in area based on Anne and Jennie’s respective social media posts.


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It was Anne’s Instagram post which alerted people to this fact at first. People started freaking out as they noticed it was the same location that Jennie had posted on her Instagram story. They then also set Jennie and Anne’s IG stories side by side to prove the two were in the same area.

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Anne eventually confirmed that yes, they were in the same area. And yes, Anne did see her! However, she refrained from asking for a photo in order to give the Kpop star her space and privacy. Anne tweeted: “Sa mga nagtweet sa akin. Yes, nakita ko sya. Same kami ng area sa festival. Nasa likod ko sya pero nagpaka-cool ako  #strugglewasreal” [To everyone who tweeted me. Yes, I saw her. We were in the same area for the festival. She was behind me but I kept my cool #strugglewasreal.] 

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