LOOK: Andi Eigenmann’s Toddlers Are Already Learning How to Surf!

It seems that Andi Eigenmann’s children are well on their way to following their parents’ footsteps.

On Instagram last week, the celebrity mom of three shared with friends and fans that her youngest kids, Lilo and Koa, are already getting acquainted with the surfboard and the sea—and it’s the cutest things ever!

As seen in the pictures and videos below, Lilo is already practicing how to paddle and stand on a surfboard while Koa is learning how to bravely balance on his board on his own.

“I find that a great way for little ones to learn a new skill, is simply by letting them have a go at it! Trust them as they explore their [abilities] and support them as they push themselves to try,” Andi began on her post. “Lilo has been leveling up on her swimming skills by the day, and I see that [it’s by] having playmates around and being able to do fun activities in the water that motivate her to do so. Like surfing! It doesn’t matter if they eventually opt to explore different things as they get older. That’s what makes life more enjoyable after all. But what a simple joy it is to see them love the life we are able to offer them. Not by force, but by nature.”

“Of course this guy had to have a go at it too!” she continued, referring to her son, Koa. “If skating was what motivated him to start walking, I guess [it’s] surfing that’s sure has been motivating him to swim so bravely and well!”

Lilo is 2-years-old while Koa just turned 1 on January this year.

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What are your thoughts on this humble family’s happy little island life? Share them in the comments below!

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