LOOK: Ancient Sketch of a Cat Found at UNESCO Heritage Site

In today’s weird news, an ancient sketch of a cat had just been discovered by archeologists at a UNESCO Heritage Site and, wow, I also wish I was kidding as I write this.

But yup, it’s real: Peru’s Ministry of Culture has confirmed that a 120-feet long drawing of a feline was found at the famous Nazca Lines site which the archeologists managed to date back to the Late Paracas period—almost 2,000 years ago!

According to the press release, the sketch “was barely visible” and “about to disappear” because of its location on the steep slope of Mirador Natural Hill (where the Natural Viewpoint (la Pampa de Nasca) is pinned) and due to the effects of natural erosion. It’s all thanks to recent restoration work that we’re able to see the cat in its full glory.

Check it out below:

cat Nazca Lines peru

This cat officially joins the list of the Lines and Geoglyphs of Nazca and Palpa, which were created over the course of 1,000 years, from around 500 BCE to 500 CE, and are designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Some of the other glyphs found over the course of history are hummingbirds, monkeys, and pelicans.

It is unknown why people from before created such huge artworks but, according to reports, it most likely has something to do with making them as visible as possible for the gods in the sky.

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