LOOK: An aerial shot of unregulated mining in Dinagat Islands

Other than improper disposal of waste and using materials that aren’t kind to mother earth, another booboo us humans have done is unregulated mining. Effects of unregulated mining can cause severe erosion. Not only is it an unpleasant sight to see, but most importantly, this can cause damage also to our waters, especially nearby.

According to Filipino minor Alfonso Ompod Jr. who’s now based in the United States, a photo he uploaded taken by Erwin Mascarinas shows how the severe effect of such has taken over in Pangatkatan in the Panamaon Area (Dinagat Island). This is located northeast of Mindanao.

“Heavy siltation contaminating and polluting the Loreto clear blue ocean… a disaster…” he captions.

Ompod tells WHEN IN MANILA that having been exposed to a family of gold minors and being able to work in a mining company in the Philippines years ago, he noticed that many laws in the industry have changed.

“Laws are changed in the middle of the game that’s why only semi-illegal mining thrived there – the ‘just dig and go system’.

Rules are not followed.”

He confesses to WHEN IN MANILA that the photo he uploaded is ‘discouraging’.

“Mining is the backbone of all industries in a nation.

Regulations and political power should be well in place. The photo taken by Erwin Mascarinas has already triggered awareness on this issue.”

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the header image. Credits go to Erwin Mascarinas.