LOOK: Amazing Images of Shadow Art

One word: Spectacular.

That’s how I described the images of the shadow art created by a Japanese artist.


Sure we’ve seen fascinating 3D arts shared on social media, but her stellar artworks are impressive, as well.

japanese shadow art

Such a simple concept, yet difficult to execute.

japanese shadow art

Admittedly, I have always been fascinated with shadows and light. I’m amazed how these two simple concepts could create something spectacular.

Like this.

japanese art shadow

Her creative works are full of life. A minimalist approach, yet exciting details are seen.

japanese art shadow

This has been the most remarkable piece for me. I love how transparent this art is. Pure love and affection.

Who is the artist behind these artworks?

kumi yamashita

The brilliant artist behind all these is a woman. Her name is Kumi Yamashita. 

According to her website, she’s a New York City–based Japanese artist and well known for shadow art. She usually casts light on seemingly random objects to create surprising shadow art.

Essentially, she is keen on detail, a vivid imagination, and a great perspective on things around her.

According to Wikipedia, She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1994 from Cornish College of the Arts in Washington, DC and completed her Master of Fine Arts in 1999 from Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland.

She also got some awards throughout her creative career. She was awarded:

  • Crystal Kirin Award, Beijing, China
  • Special Merit Award, WAH Center, New York City
  • Kirin Art Award Special Recognition Second Prize, Japan
  • Betty Bowen Art Award Special Recognition, Washington, USA

Wow, you are indeed a genius. I am looking forward to more shadow art from you.

What are your thoughts about her work? You know the drill!

All photos are courtesy of Kumi Yamashita’s website and Dancing Pencil Facebook page.

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