LOOK: Adventurous Girls Try To Launch This Sunblock Into The Sun

We’re fascinated by all kinds of video experiments, such as putting iPhones into the blender just to see if “it will blend”, or heating up a knife just to see if it will cut through a 1-liter soda bottle. They’re not groundbreaking discoveries, but we’ll do anything to satisfy our curiosities. The accomplishment of seemingly doing the impossible is what makes these videos so appealing!

Bugana Beach And Dive Resort Bacolod

As summer is fast approaching, sunblocks will surge in popularity once more as people seek for fun and adventure under the sun. Which brings us to this question: we’ve always been told that sunblock can protect us from the harsh rays of the sun, but can sunblock ACTUALLY stand its ground against the sun itself?

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, then look no further for answers. We stumbled upon this video at www.beachhutinspace.com, where these adventurous girls put their little experiment to the test. How? By sending their sunblock to where no sunblock has ever gone before: actual space!

Sunblock in space

While the whole shenanigan may sound extreme, how they attempt this is pretty cool: they improvised a DIY rocket ship by using a balloon, and attached a camera and GPS tracker to monitor the balloon’s whereabouts. Then what happens next is pure magic (or science!).

Check out how they pulled the feat off below:

With that insanely awesome challenge, Beach Hut Sunblock is now the first sunblock that has gone into space! Talk about going great lengths in chasing the sun.

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