LOOK: Adorable Grandparents Take Classes to Learn How to Use Smartphones

As frustrating as it may be for us to deal with our elders’ cluelessness when it comes to technology, realize that it’s equally frustrating for them to be helpless. In most cases, they just want the chance to learn how to use what must be confusing devices for them. In fact, they even have special classes in Taiwan just for smartphone lessons. 

Facebook user Cassandra Lin recently posted on Subtle Asian Traits the story of her grandparents taking such a class. She shares that her 92-year-old grandfather and grandmother are taking weekly classes to learn the basics of using a smartphone. Those functions would include sending messages, taking photos, and using the Taiwanese app, LINE. 

grandparents smartphone classes 1

Lin also told NextShark that her grandparents have been taking the classes since “last Fall”, which would be around October 2018. Their classes take up 2 hours every week. it was especially important for them as a family since her grandparents haven’t been able to travel and see them in America in about 5 years. 

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Like with any family that is separated by distance, calling or contacting them through video chat are their main means of communication. This is also usually the reason our own elders and grandparents strive to use technology. Hopefully, we can all be a bit more patient the next time they approach us for help with technology! 

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However, it’s also worth acknowledging that no matter how much we want to help, sometimes we’re just not cut out for teaching others. In that case, having actual classes for using technology could be very helpful. 

What do you think — should we try out classes like this in the Philippines?