Look, A Spa For Babies Actually Exists!

You know how babies go through really tough times like adjusting to a new environment, getting anything they want through crying, and the like?

Well, it seems to us that they need some good old relaxing too. And what better way to detox from stress than to visit a spa and discover euphoria? Good thing, there’s an actual spa specifically made and designed for pampering babies!

Yup, you read that right. Baby Spa Perth specializes in baby relaxation. They offer unique hydrotherapy sessions and baby massage for newborns. They also patented this floatation device named BUBBY which supports and allows babies to move freely in the water.

According to the founders, a spa session benefits babies and parents in several ways, such as the promotion of parent-child bonding, stimulation of digestive and circulatory systems, relaxation, and improvement in sleeping patterns leading to better attention, memory, and emotional regulation.

Unfortunately, though, this baby spa is located in Australia. Well, we certainly hope they branch out soon!

Would you also like to take your babies here?