LOOK: A New European-Inspired Landmark was Just Unveiled in Pasig!

Words by Kathlene Masilongan
Photos by Danielle Capuyon

It’s common knowledge that the Philippines has countless historical landmarks. And every day, new structures and tourist attractions become available for public consumption. One of the latest of these landmarks could be found just along C-5 in Pasig, at the new development site Arcovia City—The Arco de Emperador.

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The arch, now the tallest monument in the country standing at 64-feet tall, was designed and created by Spanish sculptor Gines Serran-Pagan. While European in nature, Gines claimed that the arch is unlike any European arches which are usually built to commemorate a particular figure or hero. Instead, the Arco de Emperador symbolizes how each one of us can rise up and become an ‘emperor’ in our own right with enough passion and hard work.

Sculptor Gines Serran Pagan

Megaworld’s Kevin Tan

A celebratory toast to commemorate the unveiling of Arco de Emperador.

The Arco de Emperador is crowned with a three-horse chariot with two lions and two golden angels. The central figure was modeled after the Roman emperor Trajan in Roman garb but bears a face with Filipino features which the sculptor patterned after Jose Rizal and Martin Delgado.

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The arch is planned to have a museum at its ground level and is going to be the centerpiece of the new township that is Arcovia City.

You can visit the Arco de Emperador at Arcovia City, E. Rodriguez Ave, Pasig City.

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