LOOK: A Monthly Mystery Box Filled with Beauty and Grooming Products

Words by Michelle Tiu
Photos by Sky Gavin

Growing up in a conservative family, one of the things I had no knowledge of was makeup. And as I grew older, there was a need for me to experiment to look nice during formal presentations and important events. But I didn’t know where and what to start on. My mind told me to stick with brands I know or heard of, while my indecisiveness couldn’t decide whether or not to buy that red lipstick I’d been eyeing. I only ended up walking out of the store shy and empty-handed. So for all of you out there who are like me, don’t worry, because now Giltbox has got your back!


Giltbox prides itself for being one of Philippines’ first discovery subscription box. Living by the tagline “Beauty personalized for you,” Giltbox sends all its subscribers a box of five personalized samples from some of the best beauty and lifestyle products by various brands across the world. For as low as 500 pesos per month, you may be surprised with a box of samples from popular brands like Sleek Makeup, Victoria’s Secret, and Benefit, among others. This way, it’s easy to find the products you’ll love!


Giltbox offers three types of subscription wherein samples are delivered right to your door every month.

  1. Giltbox Quarterly Plan at PhP 1,800/3-month – comes with free shipping and three beauty boxes, one each month, with five personalized beauty samples for three months.
  2. 6-Month Plan at PhP 3,300/6-month – includes free shipping and five personalized beauty samples, one each month for six months.
  3. Yearly Plan at PhP6,000/year – with free shipping and free 11th and 12th boxes.


The first step to subscribing is to let Giltbox to get to know you. All you have to do is fill out your profile and Giltbox will match you with the best product for your preference. They also have exclusive ideas, inspirations, articles, and tutorial videos on how to best use the products you receive. When you find the product you love, you can purchase full-size versions of it too from their webpage!

And in case you want to have more freedom with what you receive, you can choose one of your samples every month on your second box and write reviews about them so Giltbox can learn more about what you love and what you don’t.


Giltbox also caters to the grooming needs of men as it has a wide variety of options ranging from beauty products to grooming products.


Giltbox is perfect for those who are still experimenting on beauty and grooming products. It doubles as a cool gift idea to someone important to you, or it can also be your #YearOfSelfLove2018 gift to yourself! I now know where to start. How about you?


Instagram: @giltboxph

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