LOOK: ‘A Cinderella Story’ Star Chad Michael Murray Brings His Prince Charming Costume To Prom

Today, we have an abundance of film adaptations of the classic Cinderella story. There are musicals, dance films, and the classic fairy-tale adaptation, but we all know the real OG of these Cinderella movies.

It was A Cinderella Story from 2004. Yes, the one with Hilary Duff.

It was the ultimate fairy-tale-rom-com film of the 2000’s. And Chad Michael Murray, who played the sporty Prince Charming, was everyone’s ultimate crush–especially in that iconic grand ball scene where he danced with “Cinderella” with Edwin McCain’s I’ll Be in the background.

Prepare to get nostalgic because Chad Michael Murray just whipped out his Prince Charming costume to go to prom!

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The actor, basically being the best husband ever, took his wife, Sarah Roemer, to her first ever prom which was organized by the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. It was an event for teens who couldn’t go to their proms because of illness.


Yes, it is the actual costume that he wore for the actual movie.


Thanku @warnerbrosentertainment for letting me take the wardrobe out for a night. Big win- IT STILL FITS! #cinderellastory#AustinAmesLives #PrincetonGirl #Nomad#prom

It feels like 2004 all over again! And of course, who could ignore the fact that he went to prom with his wife and gave a lot of teen patients the best night of their lives?


A real-life Prince Charming!

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