LOOK: 8-Year Old Boy Joins A College Calculus Class And Twitter Was Shookt

As much as we’d like to throw shade at the younger generation for some particular (negative) adjectives I’d rather not list, there are still a lot of them who will make us say, “The future is bright.

” One of them is a nine-year old boy from Bataan.

Just this week, the Twitter-verse was shook after a photo of a young boy in a college calculus class in UP Diliman.

It was posted by Twitter user @PressArroyo where he adds that the boy was actually solving college calculus along with the other students!

boy in college calculus

boy in college calculus2

According to him, the eight-year old was even reciting and solving problems–putting to shame all the college students in the room. Yes, he even answered a sample exam along with them!

Apparently, the boy, known as Io, has been famous in Bataan for being a math whiz, and this isn’t the first time he joined a college math course. And it also seems that this won’t be his last. Io may be sitting in this math class regularly for the next few weeks.

Many people were in awe of the young boy who’s obviously wise beyond his years–and even our years! Others felt the shame of knowing that an eight-year old boy was a whole lot better at them at math.

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The original poster shared that he first thought that the boy was just a student’s brother who tagged along, but when their professor asked a question, the boy was the only one who answered. Talk about a boy genius!

If the next generation has amazing individuals such as this kid, then the future is definitely looking bright!

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