LOOK: 56 new Emojis to be launched this year!

Emoji NewPhoto credit: Emojipedia

Emojis are basically smileys or ideograms that perfectly spur a conversation. They spice up a boring text or instant messages.  Sometimes, the flow and response between two people conversing rely on the emojis being sent (i.e., no emoji = deadma).

According to an article by USA Today, the Unicorn Consortium “will be adding 56 new tiny images to the next Unicode update”. It is expected to be released as soon as July.

A video was released, previewing a few of the emojis part of the newest collection. It is also said, according to Refinery 29, that the roster “includes a few very necessary additions and a few that probably won’t make it to most users’ frequently used menu”.

The official Emojipedia Twitter account uploaded the video, much to the delight of Emoji fans and the like. However, it is stated that 69 new Emojis will be released, not 56.

According to Teen Vogue, they mention that the newest Emojis “won’t get integrated into Apple’s iOS and other operating systems until later this year, however”.

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