LOOK: 3 Organic “Cosmeceutical” Products You Should Definitely Try

The thing about skin care products is that there’s so much potential to be explored, and a lot of these new products haven’t been discovered yet. I personally think that the discovery of new and unconventional skin care products is so underrated. You’d think that we’d all be clamoring around for the best products for just the biggest organ of our body–no biggie.

Now, if you’re looking for some products for your skin that isn’t just your normal moisturizers or toners or lotions, we’ve got just the “cosmeceutical” products for you!

Check out these 3 organic products from Krave Minerale that will make you cleaner and happier:

3. Bright Peel Jelly

krave minerale peeling jellyBright Peel Jelly (PHP 299)

This organic exfoliating jelly scrubs away all of the toxic dead skin cells that you don’t need in your life. You can see the results as soon as you use it! Just rub it on your skin and see the dead skin cells casually fall off.

This peeling gel instantly leaves you with smoother and tighter skin as soon as you use it! Some of its organic ingredients include pomegranate and sugarcane. It smells good, too!

If you’re in need of a quick fix for smoother and cleaner skin, this peeling gel will be a great product for you. Just remember to keep the exfoliating sessions to a minimum if you have sensitive skin.

2. Baby Skin Scrub Mask

krave mineralebaby skin face maskBaby Skin Scrub Mask (PHP 250)

This is a great product for treating acne, pimples, and other blemishes. Or just for wanting a clearer skin. It’s a deep-cleansing organic facial mask that is very effective in clearing the face of toxins and tightening large pores.

If you need an intervention in trying to control breakouts and super oily skin, Krave Minerale’s Baby Skin Scrub Mask is a huge help. Even from the first application, you can feel how deep it cleanses. This baby gives you clear and tight skin, plus oil control!

1. Lash Grower

krave minerale lash growerLet It Grow Lash Grower (PHP 150)

Say goodbye to falsies! This organic lash grower will legit give you thicker and longer eyelashes in just a week. And I mean it’s legit.

It’s made out of blended herbs and oil essentials that conditions, volumize and lengthens lashes. It’s not even just for lashes, but even for eyebrows as well!

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Krave Minerale’s Let It Grow Lash Grower is an answered prayer for all those people who spend lots of time trying to get their brows and lashes look fuller and thicker with numerous products. Just apply this lash grower twice a day and you’ll be fluttering your long luscious lashes in no time.

All of these products are from Krave Minerale, a local beauty brand that only makes organic skin care products and even mineral makeup! They literally offer food for your skin. And once you try ’em out, your skin will be craving for more.

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