LOOK: 25 Hilariously Creative Pinoy Signs

Filipinos are ridiculously creative and good humored people. It comes as no surprise that this creativity and humor seeps into our everyday lives.

Just looking around the metro will bring you unexpected laughs if you just keep your eyes peeled.

Here are 25 funny pinoy signs that will surely make you chuckle. In no particular order:


funny pinoy signs24


funny pinoy signs23


funny pinoy signs22


funny pinoy signs21


funny pinoy signs20


funny pinoy signs19

19.funny pinoy signs18

18. funny pinoy signs17

17. funny pinoy signs16

16.funny pinoy signs15

15.funny pinoy signs14

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25 Hilariously Creative Pinoy Signs


funny pinoy signs13

13.funny pinoy signs12

12. funny pinoy signs11

11.funny pinoy signs10

10.funny pinoy signs9

9. funny pinoy signs8

8. funny pinoy signs7

7. funny pinoy signs6

6.funny pinoy signs5

5.funny pinoy signs4 4.
funny pinoy signs2

3. funny pinoy signs1

2. funny pinoy signs


funny pinoy signs25

Which sign is your favorite?